Announcement – 2022 WCISA Women’s Climbing Workshop

Date: October 7-9, 2022 Location: Applegate, CA Registration (now closed) Become an event sponsor (please contact us if you’d like to sponsor future events) Come learn how to climb trees or advance your climbing skills in a safe and positive environment. This two and a half-day event is led by female tree care industry professionalsContinue reading “Announcement – 2022 WCISA Women’s Climbing Workshop”

WIA – WCISA First Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques Workshop Report

After two postponements, first due to COVID then due to air quality from nearby fire activity, the WIA Committee finally hosted its first annual Women’s Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques Workshop in Applegate, California, on January 15-17, 2022. Sixteen women joined two instructors – also women – to learn about chainsaw safety, maintenance, and operation.Continue reading “WIA – WCISA First Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques Workshop Report”